cartilage canals, canaux intrachondraux, vascularisation du cartilage foetal, cartilage vascularization,

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Les canaux intra-chondraux : histogenèse, anatomie et histophysiologie de la vascularisation cartilagineuse du foetus humain.
(Cartilage canals: histogenesis, anatomy and histophysiology of cartilage vascularization in the human fetus)
Lyon Med. 249, 417-428, 1983.


This paper some characteristics of the appearance of cartilages canals in the fetal epiphyses. In the human fetus, the epiphysis are
large blocks of hyaline cartilage and the chondrocytes in the middle of the bone anlage cannot be nourrished by ssimple diffusion. Cartilage canals are specialized structures that bring vascular loops in the center of the epiphysis to vascularize it.

Fig. 1: epiphysis of a human fetus (16w old) showing the extend of cartilage canals (x25).

Fig. 2: higher magnification of cartilage canals in transverse and longitudinal section showing the vascular loops in the canals and the surrounding connective tissue (x200) .

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Chappard D., ALEXANDRE C., RIFFAT G. Uncalcified cartilage resorption in human fetal cartilage canals. Tissue and Cell 18, 701-707, 1986.            


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